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Former UFC champ Pat Miletich on Mike Jackson fight “It’s really going to go whatever way I decide”

Pat Miletich (29-7-2) discusses his 175-catchweight fight against Mike Jackson (1-2) at Caged Aggression 36 on Oct. 14. Pat also explains why he’s come out of retirement, Robbie Lawler calling it a career and his prediction for how the fight will unfold.

“If I really wanted to go out and just wrestle and use jiu-jitsu, it wouldn’t be long at all. Go out, play with him a little bit probably. Look I’m not what I used to be’ I have no illusions. Mike Jackson doesn’t stand a very good chance in this fight. He certainly isn’t going to hurt me with his power because he doesn’t possess it. It’s really going to go whatever way I decide. ”


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