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Bench warrant Issued for Jake Shields in Conjunction with Mike Jackson Incident

Former UFC and Strikeforce star Jake Shields, in more recent times better known for his inflammatory social media presence, is being sought by police in conjunction with an alleged assault on fellow former UFC fighter Mike Jackson.

A Las Vegas Township Justice Court Records search shows that Shields, full name Jacob Sequoyah Shields, had a bench warrant issued against him on September 21, 2023. That follows the court’s inability to issue a summons for Shields to appear on a charge of misdemeanor battery issued in December 2022. The court lists Shields’ as “address unknown” as it pertains to issuing said summons.

MMA Fighting was first to post news of the warrant, which has been independently verified by Cageside Press.

The altercation was widely publicized at the time by numerous media outlets, giving both fighters their biggest exposure in years. Unfortunately, it was for all the wrong reasons. Jackson, known for his own inflammatory postings on social media including his use of the term “snow roaches,” had labeled Shields a “Nazi,” while in more recent times he has done the same with former pal Pat Miletich; that pair are expected to face off in the cage under the Caged Aggression banner later this month.

Shields himself made the rather dubious decision to post footage of the altercation online, showing him mounted on Jackson at the UFC PI. Jackson can be heard hollering for someone to “get this motherf*cker off me” as a crowd gathers around the duo.

At the time and in months since, Jackson has been vocal about pressing charges against Shields. The fighter, best known for a win over WWE star CM Punk that was overturned to a No Contest due to a drug test failure (for THC), previously claimed the pair had an agreement for a boxing match, only for Shields to renege.

Bench warrant Issued for Jake Shields in Conjunction with Mike Jackson Incident


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